Thursday, January 22, 2009

Netflix on a Mac.... finally!

Just a quick note about how much I love Netflix... I'm a night owl, so long after everyone else in my household has begun dreaming I'm still up, not ready to call it a night.  Sometimes I might get lucky and find a CSI or a good movie I haven't seen in the wee hours of the morning on TV, but most of the time I resort to poking around my iPhone hoping an app will keep me interested until I can finally fall asleep.

I've enjoyed Netflix's movie delivery service for a couple of years now and was extremely excited when the whole 'watch instantly' concept was released; however, much to my dismay, it was not ready to be used on a Mac... BUMMER!  Well, a couple of months ago, Netflix finally got its act together and worked with (get this) Microsoft to get Netflix running on a Mac via Silverlight!

The reason I write this is that I have been taking this newfound abundance of movies at my fingertips for granted.  Being able to watch instantly has added great value to my subscription and will keep me on as a subscriber for many years to come.... next step I'm waiting for is Netflix streaming to my PS3 (rather than the 360), so I can watch the instant movies on the big screen!!

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